Ragnis Pärnmets Photography


Welcome, dear Visitor!

You are visiting my homepage and now I am writing a little about myself and about what has brought me to photographing nature.

I was born in 1989 in Tartu and have been close to nature from early childhood. I remember picking all those blueberries and mushrooms and especially those idyllic summer mornings when fishing. Fishing, my first big passion, is the one that has kept me connected to nature. That is where my interest for photography came from, when I started taking photographs from my catch and morning lakescapes.

More consciously and seriously I am keen on photography since 2012 and as a friend of nature the nature and wildlife photography became my direction, although sometimes I take pictures of people. Mostly I like to shoot bird and animal action but also stunning landscapes and – macro world will not be unnoticed.

For me, shooting nature and wildlife is not just a field of photography – it is a lifestyle! Harmonic relationship between man and nature that helps us to understand the importance of environmental and biological diversity. It is a vision, experiencing, cognition, perception and emotion together, brought to the audience through the camera.

Let’s keep the nature and wildlife surrounding us well and know that we are not alone here!

See you in the forest!
Ragnis Pärnmets